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  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Green Spring
  • Model Number: LSY-30018
  • Properties: animal disease monitor
  • Specifications: 96 wells/kit
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • MOQ: 1 kit

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Bird Flu(H9N1) antibody ELISA test kit
1.Sensitivity:qualitative analysis
2.Spec:96 wells/kit




Product Description




Bird Flu (H9N1) antibody ELISA test kit

Catalog No. LSY-30018    

1. Brief

Bird flu (Avian influenza, AI) is an acute contact venereal toxicity infectious disease against the domestic poultry industry at present. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent and control it, the antibody level after immune reflects the vaccine effect, which directly related to immune resistance to avian influenza virus in chicken flocks.

In Breeders’ immunization work, the most noteworthy is mass immunization vaccination timing issues. In the time between the two rounds of immunization, antibody levels of breeders gradually decreased over time, and at what level to immunization is a headache problem. As at high antibody levels to be immune, it is not only a waste of vaccines, increased economic costs, and high levels of antibodies and vaccines, affect the immune effects of vaccines, lead to immune failure; but immune at the lower levels of antibodies, antibody protection vacuum occurs, threaten the health of breeders.

This product is applicable to the different species, different age in chicken serum specific antibody detection of avian influenza virus. It can be used for avian influenza (virus) vaccine immune time of analysis, evaluation of immune effect, chickens with avian influenza in immune status.


2. Principle

This kit is composed by H9 subtype coated microplate, Enzyme conjugate etc. To detect H9 subtype virus IgG antibodies in chicken serum or plasma by principle of enzyme immunoassay indirect method (ELISA).


3. Components


H9 antigen coated microplate



Enzyme conjugate



Sample diluent solution



Substrate A

7 ml×1


Substrate B

7 ml×1


Washing solution (Dilute at 1:25 before use)

10 ml×2


Positive control serum

0.7 ml×1


Negative control serum

0.7 ml×1


Stop solution

7 ml×1


Adhesive Foil



Sealed bag

1 piece



1 piece



















4. Test procedure

1) Return the kit to room temperature for 30mins before use.

2) Take the needed quantity microplate well, set 2 wells of blank control well, 2 wells of negative control well, 2 wells of positive control well, seal the unused plate, store at 2~8.

3) Add Negative control serum to negative control well, 100μl/well, Positive control serum to positive control well, 100μl/well; for sample well, dilute sample at 1:500 at first, then add 100μl/well; Add nothing for the blank control well.

4) Mix evenly, Incubation at 37 for 30 minutes.

5) Discard liquid of the wells and fill all wells with washing solution, incubate for 60s and discard. Repeat washing procedure 5 times as above, pat to dry.

6) Add enzyme conjugate to each well, 100μl/well.(Except blank control well)

7) Incubation at 37 for 30 minutes.

8) Wash as step 5).

9) Add Substrate A 50μl/well, then Substrate B 50μl/well, mix evenly, incubation at 37 in dark for 10 minutes.

10) Add stop solution 50μl/well, mix evenly, use ELISA Reader to measure A value at 450nm of each well (Recommend to use ELISA Reader at double-wave 450nm,630nm)


5. Results

1) Negative control well: In normal, A value of negative control well 0.1;

2) Positive control well: In normal, A value of positive control well 0.6;

3) Result judge:

When Sample A450 ≥0.45, that is hemagglutination titer ≥ 6log2, it is well protected;

0.4>A4500.3, the hemagglutination titer is 5log2,

0.3>A4500.2, the hemagglutination titer is 4log2, it has certain protected power;

When A4500.3, recommend to increase the immune.


6. Notes

1) Wear gloves and work clothes when operate, strictly sound and perform disinfection and isolation system.

2) Determination of the test results must be based on ELISA reader.

3) Use liquid adding device to add sample diluent solution and often proof of its accuracy.

4) Add Washing solution to each well fully, to prevent orifice free enzyme, which can not be washed.

5) All the sample washing solution and various waste should be treated as infectious materials.

6) Microplate removed from the refrigerated environment should be balance to dry at room temperature, and seal the unused microplate with desiccant.

7) The test sample should be fresh.

8) Remaining samples and waste shall be approved by the 121 ° C high-pressure steam sterilization for 30 minutes, or deal with 5.0g / L sodium hypochlorite disinfectant for 30 minutes, then abandon.

9) Never mix reagents from different batches.


Specifications: 96 wells/kit.

Expiry date: 12 months.

Storage: Storing at 2-8℃, in the dark. 






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ISO9001:2008 Certificate





Company Information

We are Shenzhen Lvshiyuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (, professional manufacturer and exporterof the most advanced Food Safety ELISA test kit(e.g. Nitrofuran (AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM) ELISA kit, Clenbuterol ,Ractopamine ELISA kit), Animal Disease Diagnostic kits(e.g. Swine FMD lgG Distinguish kit,PRRS,PRV ELISA kit, NDV,IB,IBD ELISA kit),small molecule antigen and antibodies, gene recombination antigen and antibodies, etc.


Our advantages at the Diagnostic kits/ ELISA test kits field are as following:


* ISO9001:2008 certificated company

* Own a high-quality R&D team with many years of experience on bio-diagnostic field.

* Professional manufacturer of ELISA test kits, offer OEM service.

*At present, our products have been exported to over 40 countries, such as United States, Belgium, France, Korea, Germany, Singapore etc.

*Delivery time: 1-3 days after confirmation by FedEx,EMS or other cheaper ways.



National High-tech Enterprise Certificate


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